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  1. Canter CADD
    Canter has Successfully Trained About 50,000 Professionals from Diverse Engineering, Graphic and Management Bagrounds.
  2. Electrical CADD
    Electrical Engineering is a field of Engineering that Generally Deals with the Study and Application of Electricity, Electronics, and Electromegnetism
  3. Project Management
    Project Planning is part of Project Management, Which relates to the use of schedules such as Gantt Charts to plan and subsequently report progress within the Project environment.
  4. Civil CADD
    Civil Engineering Professional Engineering Discipline that Deals with the Design, Construction,and Maintenance of the Physical and Naturally built Environment.
  5. Mechanical CADD
    Mechanical Engineering is a Dicipline of Engineering that applies the Principles of Physics and Meterials Science for Analysis Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance of Mechanical Systems.

Canter Placements

Please upload your resume here to seek placement assistance from Canter ...

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Canter overseas

Canter Overseas provides the best consulting service to students who wish to pursue higher studies overseas...

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Lifetime Technical Support

We will endeavour to provide all our students life time technical support for the software courses that they have undertaken with us. Our faculty will make themselves available based upon their schedule and arrange sessions with students whenever they are requested...

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